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International marketing and sales consultant

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Analysis of client branch of industry

Clients do NOT buy products but problem solutions - and if you are in a position to solve their problems efficiently your products/services are allowed to be a bit more expensive than others !!

  • Knowledge:

  • Is the branch of industry in a growing phase or is it facing a crisis ?

  • How big is the turnover there and who is the market leader ?

  • Which trends are discussed there right now ?

  • How can they be summarized in a generalizing way ?

  • Which innovations have advanced the branch lately ?
Elaborate an overview of the branch of industry/ies researched on the basis of your existing information about your customers and get the additional details from the available statistics, databases, etc.

Evaluate industry information: publications, newsletters, discussion fora, industry association news, etc., to round-up your picture regarding the economic situation of this specif industry field.

The better your knowledge of the whole branch of industry is, the more precise and targeted you can offer your products and services towards the specific needs of your (potential) clients and offer complete solutions.

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