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Available sales ways/routes

Selling ...

  • ... by mail order
    is mainly suitable for products which do not need any advice. You would need, however, very good address data for the first contacts with the clientele.

    In this case you do not need any selling staff except for handling the orders of them.
  • ... directly = own staff
    is especially useful for goods needing special advice. You have the direct contact to the client and therefore the selling staff should be perfectly trained with regard to behaviour and products.
  • ... via wholesale
    is suitable for products like food, but also hardware like wallpaper, tiles, screws, etc. They have available larger stock and transport possibilities.

    Thereby the producer has an external stock, however, chains of wholesalers can make use of their buying power by squeezing prices and conditions. In order to care for this selling way the producer only needs 1 - 2 internal staff.
  • ... via retail stores
    They often have permanent clients who love to have a good service and good products. To sell via this route the producer needs - at least in the beginning - several people visiting such dealers regularly. This is time-and cost-intensive as only a few retailers accept direct deliveries.

    However, by selling e. g. spare parts for services one can generate additional turnover.
  • ... via representatives.
    They are busy very often in the service field and work on a commission basis.

    They present the product as per their own thoughts. In this case it is advisable to control regularly the representative reports. In many cases, however, they also have good contacts to retailers which can be especially useful in developing new markets.
  • ... via Internet
    The Internet should - apart of very few exceptions - never be the only way to sell.

    It is, however, nearly unbeatable as an instrument to make known the whole programme and it is available and necessary as an addition to any of the sales ways mentioned above.
Depending on the complexitiy of the product to be sold you should switch to one of the ways mentioned before.

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