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Check list 'Key account'

The analysis and account-plan should be elaborated for every key account and should cover at least the following details:

1.0 Customer data
1.1 Address, communication details, branch      of industry
1.2 Contact person/s at the client
1.3 Decision ways at the client
1.4 Our contact person
1.5 Important deciders who should/have to      be incorporated with such a project
1.6 Most important expectation of the      customer

2.0 Development of turnover and contribution margin
2.1 Business figures of the customer (as      per business reports)
2.2 Development of pricing and turnover      with us - sub-divided into products and/      or product-lines
2.3 Development of contribution margin      with us - subdivided into products and/      or product lines
2.4 Projects won and lost
2.5 Number, results and quality of our      contact with him

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3.0 Information about the customer
3.1 Strengths and weaknessses in his market
3.2 His strategies and hence consequences      for us
3.3 Position of the key account in his branch      of industry
3.4 Development potential of the key      account in his market
3.5 Analysis of our most important      competitors with the key account
3.6 List of all open and planned projects and      offers

4.0 Our target, strategies and action planned
4.1 Our targets for the coming 2-3 and the      present business year
4.2 Contact plan for the next 12 months
4.3 Our team (key-account-manager,      technical support, marketing, back-      office)
4.4 Action to reach the targets (Marketing,      pricing, training, etc.)
4.5 Still missing information about this key      account

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