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Seekirch, 03/05/2010

Internationalization is important for every company. The European Union – representing a bit more than 50 % of the European countries - with its nearly 500 million inhabitants in the member states, is a perfect place for companies to go. Especially the Western countries are highly industrialized. Find some reasons and help in this article.

Most of the European companies - actually more than 90 % / country on an average - are fighting the more or less stagnating local industries by increasing their exports. And they are successful with it, especially in Germany, where exports count for more than 30 % of their GDP (2008) - and still increasing.

The permanently growing international competition, however, lets them look to other countries to get pre-products - or even complete machinery - from other parts of the world in order to keep cost at the lowest possible end.

This is one side of the medal. The other side shows that companies working internationally have a few advantages which are the same all over the world:

They increase their independence from the local/regional economic climate and - thereby - secure working places and also increase the profit ('economies of scale' is one catchword).

Reaching the enterprises' goals, especially in international markets should, however, be a well planned procedure in order to target the available markets - very often with 1000s of potential clients - and thus reach the 'best / most profitable' ones, yet minimizing the one risks.

Michael Richter - who had travelled the continents for more than 20 years before starting his 'International marketing consultancy' in 1991 - has specialized in consulting national and international clients on their ways 'into the world's markets' or vice versa into European countries. His clientele comes from many places worldwide - as can be learnt from his references. The country experience in more detail (with a lot of information about such countries) is given here >>.

He is available to assist also YOU on your way into Europe - minimizing risks and following the most appropriate strategic and targeted ways for YOUR company into one or more European country/ies.

His assistance may reach from pure market research to 'hands-on' implementation of the results found out and/or work as a 'foot-hold' of companies in Germany until they found the right local partner. In addition he could visit potential clients together with you and/or give additional information on specific markets, market segments, companies, mentalities, etc.

One of his specialties is the elaboration - and in case of need following implementation - of marketing plans for various European regions. Some aspects of such a plan could be

  • analysis of the present situation of the company as well as of the target situation
  • based on a thorough market research
  • with regard to the existing clientele but also the potential of new clients
  • from country to country
  • planning the marketing and sales procedures/channels in order to reach the clientele identified during the market research
  • budgeting the cost to be spent to reach this clientele, however, also the profits to be reached most probably
  • having a permanent control of what works, how, and the possibility to correct
  • from budgets to sales channels or any single aspect of it
Furthermore Michael offers seminars for specific industry groups – examples for Brazil and Turkey – whereas he studies specifically for their needs one or more European markets, holds lectures on ‘Marketing in/to Europe’ in whatever part of the world, and hands over to the participants after the seminar his findings as a ‘handbook’.

This includes as well analyses of the client potentials (with full communication data), as the relevant import/export statistics, the most appropriate organizations/associations for the participants, plus, plus, plus – as per the specific needs of the participants and whatever additional marketing activities are needed to make them really successful in Europe.


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