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International marketing and sales consultant
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International marketing and sales consultant

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E-Mail: michael.richter@marketing-und-vertrieb-international.de

International strategic marketing consulting based on practical experience
on these markets >>

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As well as one 'cannot NOT-communicate' (Watzlawick), everybody does marketing: However ... 

- conscious or un-conscious | - planned or un-planned | - successful (targeted, e. g. 'market- and client-orientated, etc.) or ... 'just by chance'

Assistance is available via: Marketing strategy  +  marketing consultancy + practical support during the implementation => Success in marketing and sales

The offer for you

International (global) marketing   |   Internationalization   |   Globalization   | Marketing concept   |   Practical support   |  References
FOCUS: investment goods and long-lasting consumer goods | marketing articles >>

and I will make international marketing and sales [more] easy and succesful for you >>  the SMEs/SMBs  - in order e. g. to conquer Europe and/or other countries of the world

  • There is no discipline 'experience' ... you have to gain it >>

The Action = benefit/profit for YOU !

Let me assist you in reaching more clients, resulting in a higher turnover/profit, a general stabilization of your company and more - by international / global (or simply more targeted) customers/market segments ...

For example by using all (worldwide - especially Europe, with its nearly 500 million inhabitants in 27 countries) marketing- and sales chances, i. e.

  • the successful, strategic and targeted marketing of your products nationally as well as on all five continents (information about countries I did business in)
  • to the clients reachable for you, whether selling directly, via own representatives, distributors. or the INTERNET, or
  • via local partners (= synergies, strategic alliances and more) and
  • support this by internal lectures or trainings or even management/marketing audits in order to improve personal and/or organizational parameters (unfortunately the audits are only available in German language, but when handled through me they are automatically translated)

The Basis

for such support is laid by more than 35 years practical (and of course added theoretical) marketing and sales experience as well as lecturing for a variety of institutes (e. g. universities of cooperative education and institute for marketing and trade at the university of St. Gallen Switzerland) ...

... because very often the tasks within a business are so manifold and comprehensive that trained external support (for a certain time) is needed to make use of the available chances and/or to support the own staff.

From market research, through planning and implementation - wherever in the world - I am available for you. Please look at some references. Of course all of that - and whatever I explain on these pages - cannot really show the experience collected. Insofar a phone-call (+49(0)7582-933371) or a mail shortly describing your needs would help faster.

Albert Einstein said:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."


"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

(and this holds true also for marketing - strategies and ways)


My clients so far came - besides of Germany - from:

Brazil, China, Dubai, Jordan, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, USA, UK, and more


Keywords: International marketing, international sales, marketing consultant, sales consultant, exports, European Union, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Near East, Far East


How can I assist you in reaching YOUR goals -- in Europe or anywhere else ? - please >> mail - or call +49(0)7582-933371 - * Send page to a friend

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