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Strategic marketing and sales -
Control loop: 'INTERNATIONAL MARKETING'   © Michael Richter

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Strategic marketing without collecting market data according to the following control loop is incomplete (IMHO) as the marketingplan, the basis of which the data should be, is a 'living instrument'. The loop can easily be adapted to nearly any company. Due to its 'revolving' nature the data remain 'fresh' and any necessary amendment to a marketing plan and a company's strategy as well as its implementation can be easily made.

  • * 1. Market research = identification of the markets/market segments already or not yet supplied by the company resp. the market-segments which must/could/should be dealt with in order to exhaust the company's potential and/or to develop possibly new products (also considering the available core competences !).

    * 2. Market analysis = investigation of all relevant data regarding customers (who, where, size, turnover, etc.) per market-segment, competitors, marketing ways, potential synergy-partners, distributors, etc., which are meaning-/useful to/for the company's products.


    * 3. Definition of the targets (quantity/turnover/profit, etc.) to be reached by means of good basic figures, incl. budgeting, possible realization, organisational preparation, targets/ markets, timing, etc.


    * 4. Elaboration of the marketing steps needed to reach each of the objectives per market/ market-segment, i. e. from production to customer care, incl. sales, services, logistics, etc.

    * 5. Decision about the marketing-mix for these steps - i. e. the strategy, the product-mix, the communication media, etc.

    * 6. Execution/implementation of the results - from public relations, via effective sales (distributors, representatives, synergy-partners, licenses, sales programs, incentives, etc.) to service and after-sales treatment


    * 7. Control of the results achieved - each market/market segment -, based on defined parameters, for production, sales, cost, turnover/ profit, etc.

    * 8. Incorporation of the feedback from sales and clients with regard to their problems to be solved, new products to come, new clients of them and thus the needs of the final buyers

    * 9. Permanent, timely agreed/defined revision of this loop in order to let enter new findings, correct planned figures/results and to take them into consideration in future decisions - for any relevant marketing/sales task.

Albert Einstein said:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."


"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

(and this holds true also for marketing - strategies and ways)


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