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Control loop - step 8.: Incorporation of feed back    © Michael Richter

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Information has to be channelled – see step 7. – and be evaluated to our profit!

* Citation of the leading German budiness daily newspaper (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), October 14. 2002:

'Soccer results, election results, viewing figures: Success and performance is most easily calculated in figures – independent whether a football club, a party or a TV stations are discussed. No wonder that also managers use almost exclusively numerical data to analyze their firm if they want to get an overview concerning the state of their company. Financial data, data concerning the client profitability or parameters regarding the performance of IT give important information for the strategic direction of the company.'

These pure figures need, however, additional data without which no real direction is possible, e. g.

* information from the markets referring to the future plans of a client/a client group/a region/a sales route, or else. In order to plan future tasks accordingly the company needs such ‘back’-information – for the development department, the production department, the marketing department, etc., in order to optimize or change the relevant processes.

I n this context it should be mentioned that the information already available in the companies – even today partly simply ‚un-organised’ – are a real ‘goldmine’. However, they would have to be evaluated in a ‘marketing way’ with regard to markets, market segments and clients.

The basic need, however, would be not only to collect data, but to know from the very beginning what to do with it – for which department/task, in which time sequences, why, etc.

Finally a marketing concept for the future has to be available before, otherwise the information available and searched will not be used to the company’s benefit.

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