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Strategic marketing and sales

Control loop - step 4.: Elaboration of the marketing steps    © Michael Richter

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It is advisable to fix in writing which steps would be necessary to reach the targets defined:

This refers to all functions, from production to the client, e. g.

• the tasks for the different persons with regard to

- clients per product group/market segment
- regional aspects and
- of course the products themselves

Normally it will be known from the past which special aspects of our products are preferred by certain client groups, however, now it is necessary to fix these fields also in writing.

Why ?

• To ‚market strategically’ means to market ‚unbder consideration of all facts’ !!

and that means – especially if we are looking to reach short time success – to contact such firms which are comparable with +our existing best clients (producing the same or similar products) and it cannot be left to the ‘stomach feeling’ of any employee with which arguments we are working in sales.

On the contrary:
It is one of the most important tasks of the marketing department to collect the arguments ‘pro each product’ and to make them available to each sales employee together with a list showing the ‘Pros/Cons’ towards the competition.

Even if our company has no registered trade mark during the time we are going to develop a ‚fingerprint’, as we will be part of the discussions again/often/ more with the same properties.

Such – by the time ‚codified’ – properties can at the same time be used to be emphasized again and again in a ‘clinet information system’.

The next stept in this context is to define on which ways the potential clients have to be/should be contacted.

This may well be different from country to country, but also from product to product or from one market segment/client group to another …

… and here we see also what – additionally and company specific – has to be taken into consideration. The prior example refers to investment goods, but this is certainly also adaptable to other products.

The possibilities are – from company to company – too multiplex as if a definitve statement could be made. Just take it as a reminder what could be done how and where.

Again: It is important to fix the decisions in writing how, with what and when you want to do, and it is the first step with regard to step 7 – control – already.

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