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International marketing and sales consultant
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International marketing and sales consultant

Tel: +49(0)7582-933371
E-Mail: michael.richter@marketing-und-vertrieb-international.de

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Customer relations, globalization, company strategy

= the challenges


New address

New address

Distributor / partner in Europe ..

for YOU

And it remains: Europe and elsewhere ...

Experience can’t be replaced

Marketing and selling support - international, especially Europe

Flexibility for YOUR international marketing tasks

30 biggest exporting countries 2011 - Analysis: per capita

Consulting BY PHONE/ Support via Internet >> SKYPE

Consult/discuss free-of-charge via Internet ...

Press release - 20 years of international marketing competence

Beginning 1991 Michael Richter, International Marketing- and sales consultant, Seekirch/Germany, supports companies of all sizes in their aim to market successfully their products on international markets, especially Europe (40+ countries, 500+ million inhabitants).

Foreign trade immunises against recession

Trading with foreign countries not only saves working places in the home country ...

Do we need consultancy/ support for international marketing towards Europe !?

Nothing is as complex as this world and experience cannot be replaced.

Your search for a distributor or partner in Europe

Some important and informative facts about European countries ...

You have got the marketing/sales-problems/ targets - may I help ?

A consistent and strategic marketing-procedure helps ...

Information covering 50+ countries from all over the world

Press release - internationalization, globalization

Success model: Targeted marketing of investment goods and long-lasting consumer

Still quite often ‚Marketing‘ is misunderstood to be ‚PR‘ only.

Test your marketing

The following 'basic' questions should be answered in abt. 2 - 3 hours - which would show that the entrepreneur is aware of the most important facts of HIS market/s

Selling vs. Marketing

"Without us" - the salesman said - "the company wouldn't have the success needed".

The future !? – Identifying the way for small and medium-sized (SME) comp

We 'feel' the confusion:

Client satisfaction - client benefit

Client satisfaction = Client benefit and Client advantage
(Speed is more important than perfection)

Who needs Marketing – and why ?

... and whats more !?

Winning new customers

Permanently broaden your customer base - whether in your home country or abroad ...

Market share, quality of marketing and the ‚theory of relativity‘ ??

Mr. Einstein's theory of relativity discusses generally different aspects.


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