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Client satisfaction - client benefit

Client satisfaction = Client benefit and Client advantage
(Speed is more important than perfection)

· How (where, with whom, towards which market segments and using which procedures, etc.) can this be achieved for our products ?

  • 1. Strategic Alliances/Synergies/Networking

    · What does that mean for us and our partners (pre-defined targets for all: WIN:WIN- Situation)
    · Who can do what best for the existing/future clientele and who are our 'really best' partners for it (per market segment and worldwide ) ?
  • 2. Knowledge management

    · How can this work for us, which subjects are most important, which are the best ways for us in order to be present with the clients permanently, which are the differences to be underlined compared to the competition, where are customer benefit and core competence in this respect ?
    · Catchwords: Systematics, market knowledge, knowledge of mentalities, sales ways, partnering, competition, product knowledge,licences-/know-how-contracts, etc.
  • 3. Use of the INTERNET

    · Are we presented in a way expected by the client (Information about the company, shareholder value, technical aspects, problem solutions, ability to 'dialogue', ser- vice, instruction manuals, languages, spareparts orders, etc.) ?
    · Can the client 'realize' that we are going to 'solve' HIS problems and do we ask him for action ?
    · Do we offer additional information in 'our' industry and present ourselves as 'knowledgeable' company looking more deeply into the 'questions/problems' of our target groups/market segments ?
  • 4. Supplementary 'classical' marketing procedures

    · Do we perform: Analyses, Planning (of Sales and profit), targetting, implementation and (target-/benefit-)control, are new 'findings' from the market places systemati- cally incorporated into our products, are we really 'market-driven' and 'customer- oriented' and do we inform our customers/interested parties correspondingly (for us = combination of 1. - 4.)
    · Inhowfar do we accept/incorporate different requirements and use this at the same time to standardize our products resp. how do we multiply our successes/products into other worldmarkets/market segments ?

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