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International marketing and sales consultant
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International marketing and sales consultant

Tel: +49(0)7582-933371
E-Mail: michael.richter@marketing-und-vertrieb-international.de

Marketing = ...-Training, ...-Coaching, Implementation - ... marketing is ...

Training, Coaching and Implementation
- what does this actually mean/include ?? - (practical support)

Is YOUR company 'fit for the future' in a more and more globalizing world ?? Do you have the answers to look into the future - without risks ?

The challenges affect the whole company !

I assist with regard to marketing and management (i. e. the 'external functions' of any and all companies). Production and finance are excluded - except any question referring to general management, financing of projects and supporting monies, worldwide.

Based on a multitude of practical experiences from the past with international projects on all 5 continents I offer the following performances:


All employees nowadays have to be in the position to solve the problems of the international clientele. In order to do this in a way that the client is totally satisfied and turned into a 'permanent client' he must either be served by all of them - which means that foreign languages have to be known - or it has to be organized internally that he is directed to employees being in a position to communicate in 'his' language.

This part may be arranged pretty easily - as it can be automatized.

However, the importance grows, if - despite of knowing the corresponding language - there is no experience with the mentality.

The training modules elaborated separately and uniquely by me for the respective client therefore refer especially to the European mentalities, the ways and means how to market successfully here as well as to the possibilities to collect the necessary information needed.

YOU are not only getting 'general' information/solutions for a more successful business in this part of the world but I develop 'especially and only suitable for YOU' the corresponding ways - as no company is really comparable with another one. The training as such will be performed in your premises or those of your asssociation.

In my honest opinion there is no real use in getting a lot of information referring to 'general export matters to Europe' if in fact only - at the beginning - 4 - 6 markets are of specific interest or to get information regarding 'general sales channels in XYZ-country' if you usually sell only via distributors or directly to the clientele - due to the nature of YOUR products.

In addition the training modules may refer to more aspects like the elaboration of marketing plans (for specific countries or generally for East/West-Europe), the definition of sales goals (either countries or for specific sales channels) as well as controlling instruments and/or whatever is needed by YOUR company.

Besides of practical training modules in your premises the different matters could also be treated through company specific seminars/lectures including discussion whereas such lectures could easily be tailored to YOUR specific needs here in Europe. You can find a lot of information regarding lectures on my website.

Please talk to me via e-mail and/or ask any suitable question.


Whilst the training modules refer to groups of employees coaching is normally only given to single persons or a few managers.

The general topic always is: 'How can we prepare our company even more successful to the future in Europe ?'.

This refers to 'all relevant questions' as for example

- any question referring to client-tie per country/Europe-wide

- any question referring to the best presentation of YOUR company towards the different markets/market segments/target groups

- questions referring to internal/external organisation

- contractual relations with agents and/or other contracts (from practice 'not' as a lawyer)

- any question referring to project managrement

- questions referring to reaching the markets/clients and increasing the market shares or even

- questions regarding licenses/strategic alliances and additional ways of cooperation with companies contacting the same or similar market segments

- and many more ...

Further tasks may include the practical assistance to individual persons/groups in negotiations/discussions and consulting during all questions related therewith. I also assist - on short notice and targeted - in researching special fields or preparation of information from CD-ROMs available with me (abt. 3 Million profiles of European companies), from INTERNET- sources and more (like the mediation between persons/companies, etc).

Please talk to me via e-mail and/or ask any suitable question.


In many cases a company only needs training and/or coaching; very often, however, only timely limited full support - in order to reach a goal and to make use of given chances or to balance time lacks existing due to the daily work, to elaborate market researches, visit exhibitions, elaborate plans/figures/ targets for specific markets and more, like the organisation of sales structures, etc. - will help.

Thereby market chances are grasped which could normally only be realized later - or never, as the markets change fast.

For all tasks referring to international marketing, i. e. from market research to such practical implementation - worldwide - I am at your disposal.

YOU may rest upon a multitude of experience and information, international networks and more than 30 years of practical worldwide sales.


How can I assist you in reaching YOUR goals -- in Europe or anywhere else ? - please >> mail - or call +49(0)7582-933371 - * Send page to a friend

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