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International marketing and sales consultant

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Strategic (inter-)national marketing - some basics - ... marketing is ...

MARKETING - what for and why ??


YES - because ...

clearly show/analyze the past develop- ment, the present situation and describes/ details the paths into the future of YOUR company - and ...

  • based on Marketing your client benefits/advantages will be transmitted more targeted
  • due to Marketing (here: sales) 'the markets/clients' will be satisfied better as YOUR company is directed towards THEIR needs
  • Marketing ways and -means allow to analyze the competition in more detail and fight them corresponding- ly in the respective fileds
  • Organisations are examined and made more successful
  • via marketing ways the market/s have to become aware that YOU are existing (via the different ways e. g. PR and sales) - HOW, WHERE, with WHICH solutions - FOR them
  • YOU learn more about the (worldwide !! - e. g. if I am engaged) markets/-segments/ target groups and their needs
  • marketing cares for your PROFIT (concentration, organisation, sales via different channels, etc.)
  • Marketing finds/develops NEW markets (or even products of which the clients didn't know that they would/could need them !)
  • new clients, sales channels, etc. - worldwide !!
  • RECESSIONS/economic fluctua- tions can be overcome more easily because you are active in various industrial fields in various countries - which makes you in fact independant (due to more clients, synergies/alliances, etc.)

  • - and much more which can only be used/done BY YOU - as your 'finger- print' is unique (i. e. the way you produce and market specific pro- ducts !!

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YES - because ... (.pdf-file) + what others say

YOU get the support needed in order to be in the positon to concentrate on the 'day-to-day'-work, however, not to neglect the host of chances available in other regions/ markets and because ...

  • markets can be searched faster and become 'known' to YOU earlier
  • - catch words: - business contacts, - market researches, - sales and/or cooperation partners - and whateverelse YOU need !!
  • Clients/markets - at least if coope- rating with me - are mostly known and the ways needed can be imple- mented pretty soon - without much 'learning by doing' (whereas you still 'learn by doing' acc. to my support especially in foreign coun- tries !!
  • the 'ear' is nearer at the mar- kets (and will be !!), without inter- rupting YOUR work
  • neutral analyses of the work done so far enable a new view of things show new/different ways -which you possibly didn't know so far - and how to do what successfully
  • a neutral view of things might be better than 'thinking on the known paths'
  • wrong evaluation of markets (especially foreign regions) is avoided - due to lang-lasting but kept up-to-date knowledge/expe- rience there)
  • synergy-/cooperation part- ners may be found faster (as some intereted parties are known from past consultancy work !)
  • new sales and marketing strategies are enabled - just generally
  • 'bought' experience is less expensive (and mostly less dangeraus) than the one made yourself - and thus cost can be saved

- ... and YOU ALWAYS need new clients/markets/market segments - to survive

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